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"Holy moly did eating differently change me. I had no idea I was so bloated from eating all of those carbs and sugar. It's definitely a challenge to change the way you eat, but your body is important to your survival. I have learned a lot about different foods and how they affect me in both positive and negative ways.

Besides not being bloated anymore, I also feel more energy, clear-headed, and less joint pain. I highly recommend this program for anyone who has thought of changing the way they eat, but doesn't have the self-discipline or time to research to do it themselves.I lost weight and my skin is clearer than ever. I think your mind will be blown on what food can do for your body and what it can do to hurt your body. This has been a life-changing process for me. Once again, a whole new level of eating for your optimal health and vitality. Colleen Flynn is the best. She has a no bullsh*t way of educating us."- Jenny D, Austin, TX

"I participated in a Restart Program with Nutritional Zest. This program was awesome and a great value for what was provided.

It was 5 weeks long and I liked the format.  We had a small group of people weekly on a video conference.  It was cool to do this with a few people and not by myself.

There was weekly material provided that was very educational. I felt like I knew a lot about nutrition....definitely not the case.  I learned several new things each week and really enjoyed the weeks learning about sugar and healthy fats.

In terms of the results from the program - I couldn't be happier.  I felt completely awesome and healthy, slept better than ever, and the best thing for me was I had zero afternoon fog/fatigue.  I always assumed me getting tired in the afternoon was because I have two kids under 4 who usually wake up at least once in the middle of the night.  I never considered it was diet related.

This will adjust the way I eat going forward and I will continuously do Restarts at least yearly going forward.  Whether you are already a healthy eater or starting from scratch, I highly recommend talking to someone at Nutritional Zest." - Brian L, TX

"Prior to beginning Restart, I thought I was following a no/low sugar diet pretty well. I quickly found out that I had a lot to learn. Colleen adeptly led us through the program, explaining, answering questions, relating personal experience, and inspiring. I found out that foods that I hadn't regularly included as part of my daily diet were encouraged in the Restart regime (yum!), while others that I thought to be good, and was eating too much of, needed to be avoided in the detox, and very much reduced afterward. Colleen explained the why and we reaped the reward of a healthy body, feeling good, and loosing weight!

I actually took the course twice, and am glad that I did. The second time around, reinforced the things I learned the first time, and I continued to learn, as I had new questions that came about by simply being on the program for a period of time. Bottom line...I love the Restart plan and I love Colleen's tutelage and caring!"
- Carol M, Florence, MA

"Coming into Colleen's RESTART program, I had never taken part in a formal diet before in my life. Then several months ago, I began having acid reflux issues, and I began searching high and low for a natural/holistic approach to solving my problem. A good friend and colleague told me about this program, and I signed up immediately, not knowing what to expect, but with an open mind. Upon meeting Colleen, and seeing the genuine passion she has for nutrition, and for improving the lives of her clients, I knew I had made the right choice. In the 5 video classes we had, I was never bored, and always fully engaged.

Yes, the first 3-5 days of cutting out certain foods from my diet was very difficult, but after I got over the initial hump, the experience of finally having a body working to its full potential was eye opening. I started to feel great, I had more energy during workouts, I slept better at night, was able to focus better at work, AND my personal recipe book grew exponentially. I was introduced to new foods, I cooked more, and prepared more meals in the three weeks of RESTART than I have the previous 12 months. Every single recipe that Colleen provided was absolutely delicious. Do not even get me started on the broccoli and ham frittatas!!

I also learned so much in the five video sessions. I found all the topics we covered super interesting, and have already taken my knowledge and shared it with anyone who will listen. HEALTHY FATS MAKE YOU THIN. #truestory.  Fats (healthy) are not the enemy, they are very much your ally. Also, I will never look at any processed food the same ever again.

Colleen is a truly amazing, passionate, knowledgeable, and genuinely cares about helping her clients live better healthy lives, and I cannot thank her enough for that. It was a joy and a privilege to take this course, and when I begin to falter in my new found love of healthy foods, I will come right back to the source and take this program again to reset, learn something new, and get back on the right track. - Nick L, TX

I just completed Colleen's program and I can't say enough positive things about my experience. I not only learned how and why I should eliminate sugar,  but I also lost 5 lbs and really decreased the inflammation in my body. I don't think you realize how bad you actual feel, until you start feeling better and this was a result of this program. Definitely sign up and make a positive change in your life. Thanks again Colleen!"- Ann-Marie, MA

"I've participated in more nutrition programs than I care to remember and yours is the first I've actually seen be empowering. Thank you for the way you show up, the care you offer and the consciousness you bring. It is clear you've done the personal work and you show up beautifully able to create a safe and trusting space. I am happy to recommend your program to others and will. I'd love for you and your life's work to be highlighted in Austin and beyond because it's so rare to find something informative, empowering and encouraging." - Kate F. Austin, TX

“I’d been trying to lose weight for months. The Restart®Program helped me not just lose weight (finally) but change some bad habits. It taught me to be more aware of what I was eating and how to better balance my meals.” - Robin P.  Eagle River, AK

I just completed the Restart program and am very excited about what I have learned and accomplished.

Colleen is a very well informed, caring leader and teacher.  She helped me understand so much about how food affects my body.  I love her expression, "Eat mindfully".  I'm trying very hard to do that.

The five weeks flew by and while learning to eat better, I was never hungry.  This is not a diet, it is a way of life that will not be hard to do.  Though not a diet, I did lose weight!

The interaction with other members was very interesting and fun.  We shared tips and recipes and were proud of one and another.

I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in healthy living and in enhancing your well being!

I am a woman in my 60s and have learned that it's never too late to change and better myself!! - Lynda F, NY

I participated in the RESTART program through Nutritional Zest and can't say enough good things about it. I learned more about nutrition and my body and how best to fuel it with healthy foods. Colleen is knowledgeable, motivating, authentic, and sincere. Having a network of support through our group calls and Facebook group was an added bonus. And I still reference my materials often! It wasn't hard to stick to the program (which says a lot, coming from me) and I felt the best I've felt in a long time. - Jen T, CO


"I learned about Colleen's RESTART program and decided to give it a try. I figured, why not, I was trying to lose weight anyway and this couldn't hurt.

Well, what I got from the program was so much more than I thought going into it. First of all, Colleen facilitated a supportive 5-week journey for me and the other participants. We learned all about digestion, what sugar and fats do in your body, and were hand-held through a 3-week sugar detox.

Each week, Colleen sent educational materials, a food plan and even a shopping list, which was really helpful in preparing for the week ahead. Additional to the weekly video chat, Colleen made herself available to all participants via phone, email or text. We had a private group Facebook page where we could share experiences and recipes with one another.

So... What did I get out of RESTART? For a very nominal fee, here is my outcome:

1. I learned that by changing my diet in the way that Colleen suggested (very strict during the detox, but also limited consumption of certain foods in everyday life), that I am no longer bloated after a meal. I never feel full, just satisfied.

2. I learned to eat mindfully and gain a better appreciation of each meal vs. just rapidly eating meals without regard for what is going into my body.

3. I have more energy and feel mentally happier, which is great for everyone in my family!

4. I found a new way of life that makes me feel great!

5. I lost about 8 pounds in the three week detox!

Who am I? I'm a late-30s mother of two (3 and 6 years old) with a 40-50 hour/week job. I feared that I wouldn't have time for preparing all of these different meals, but that did not end up being the case at all. Colleen provided a lot of options and resources to make this a breeze. My family even enjoyed a lot of the things I made.

I whole-heartedly recommend this program and Nutritional Zest to anyone looking to improve their life."-Jamie B., Arlington, VA

"RESTART was an awesome program. I was always interested in nutrition, which is the reason I signed up for the program in the first place. I learned so much about how our bodies process the food we eat. As a bonus for doing RESTART, I feel really, really great!"- Gail L. 

 "I now understand what I need to heal myself and my family. This class changed my attitude towards food and health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, I highly recommend taking RESTART®.” - Melissa M Friendswood, TX 

 “I was surprised at how much sugar I was eating, and had how it was negatively affecting my body. RESTART® completely changed the way I look at food and how I feel about my body. I highly recommend this program!” -Melanie S. Grass Valley- CA

“RESTART® gave me the tools to feel better, lose weight, increase energy, and best of all, the common sense of how we should be living and eating. Thank you for helping me make a difference in my life and my family." - Susan O. Eugene Oregon

"Approaching my 70th birthday, I never thought I could've changed my way of eating in just 3 weeks time. Colleen made this transition easier and more beneficial than I could've ever imagined"- Marilyn P.